The Sproughton Enterprise Park is the site of the former sugar beet factory operated by British Sugar. The site is owned by Ipswich Borough Council (although it is in Babergh District) and is one of the largest redevelopment sites in Suffolk. This website will provide you with information about the site, how it is being prepared for redevelopment, and provides news updates. You can also contact the team and leave comments.


The Sproughton sugar beet factory operated on the site between the mid-1920s and 2001 under various ownerships. After the plant closed, the then owners, Associated British Foods, embarked on a disposal process. They also demolished many (but not all) of the buildings on site. The site was sold in 2004 and a proposal for residential redevelopment promoted. The scheme was refused planning permission with a subsequent planning appeal also unsuccessful. During the global financial crisis the company which owned the site went into liquidation.

Recognising the significance of the site and the important opportunity it presents, the site was bought by Ipswich Borough Council in 2014.

In November 2015 the site was designated within the wider ‘Space to Innovate’ Enterprise Zone, which was formally launched on 1 April 2016.

A consultant team was appointed in December 2015 to prepare a master plan for the site with a master plan agreed by Ipswich Council in January 2017.

In November 2017 an outline planning application was submitted to Babergh Council for redevelopment of the site to form Sproughton Enterprise Park.


Context Plan

The site is around 52 hectares (almost 130 acres) in size and lies on the western edge of the Ipswich built up area, between the Ipswich to Norwich main line railway and the A14. The river Gipping is immediately south of the site. A small and separate part of the site lies to the west of the A14.

The area around the site is in a mix of uses – the Sproughton Road employment area is to the north of the site, with the Chantry residential neighbourhood across the river to the south. Sproughton village is to the west and the main Ipswich urban area to the east.

The site is allocated for employment uses in the current Babergh Core Strategy.

The site itself has three main parts:


Ipswich Council bought the site in order to directly control and promote a positive future for it. The site is one of the largest strategic redevelopment sites in Suffolk and with its Enterprise Zone status and excellent access to the A14, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to secure substantial economic investment.

The ambitions for the site are to:

Ipswich Council are bringing forward the site by building the infrastructure (roads, drainage and utilities) to serve new occupiers.

Sproughton Enterprise Park